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Leadership TrainingDeveloping a great leadership team doesn’t happen by accident. Great team leaders, and a fantastic staff team, can be created and developed through the strategies you implement.

The NXT LVL Business Mentoring Program is designed for you as the business owner to develop and implement strategies to improve your business and to grow the skills and capabilities of your team.

We will assist you to identify specific short and long term goals and objectives for your business and outline a leadership training, coaching or mentoring program that will be the most suitable and successful for you, your business and your team.

Our business mentoring programs will ensure that systems and measuring tools are put in place to help you take your business to the next level.

A program individually designed for the small business owner who wishes to analyse the performance of the business and to implement effective systems and procedures and use proven measuring tools to improve productivity and increase profit potential while spending less time on the “front line”.
We understand the pressures on you as a small business owner and we strive to keep our business mentoring program affordable and achievable.

Change is led from the top, by the business owner and the manager or management team. We will design a program combining mentoring for the business owner, leadership coaching for your manager/s, training in the implementation and use of measuring tools and improvement strategies and staff training workshops to resolve identified skills gaps in your team. We will develop a series of action plans for your managers that are timely, realistic, measurable and achievable and that help to drive and support your business goals.

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