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Management Leadership TrainingIs your management team working for the growth of your business? Has your manager ever had formal training in how to manage a business? Does your business make the best use of up-to-date management practices?

Effective managers, and an efficient team, can be developed through the management and leadership training strategies you implement. A good worker can become a great supervisor or manager if they are provided with the right skills training and tools. An effective manager can provide you with more time to work on your business instead of just in your business.

The NXT LVL Management Training Program is designed for your managers or supervisors to develop leadership skills and implement strategies to improve your business, whether it is small or large. The training program is customised to your individual business needs, which are identified in consultation with you.
When we meet with you we will discuss a management and leadership training, coaching or mentoring program that will be the most suitable and successful for you, your business and your managers or supervisors. Our program will ensure that systems and measuring tools are put in place to help you and your team take your business to the next level.

A flexible program designed for small to medium businesses that provides one-on-one coaching for managers, focusing on development of leadership skills, analysis of day-to-day staff and business performance, problem solving and decision making.

Designed for a business that operates from more than one site, or has multiple departments, providing group training sessions for your managers so that they can work effectively at any site. Your managers will develop skills in leadership, reporting, making recommendations and working towards agreed measurable targets.

A customisable program for a business that operates from more than one site, where managers are responsible for the outcomes in their individual store. Training is tailored to the needs and challenges of the particular site, as well as providing training in general management and leadership skills.

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