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Job Search Training Workshops Develop Confidence and Skills

Job Search Training WorkshopsOur Jobskills program has been running for over 15 years, and we have worked with many schools and thousands of secondary school students to develop skills in seeking and gaining their first casual job, finding their first work experience placement, or beginning their preparation for university entry interviews

The Jobskills program can be delivered as a full day workshop which incorporates a practice one-on-one interview for each student, or as a one to two hour seminar covering the main aspects of searching and applying for a job or work experience placement. Students leave the workshop with skills and tools that they can use for many years in pursuing their career and study goals.

Workshops Support Careers Programs in Secondary Schools


Over the last few years, recruitment trends have seen employers seek applicants who have developed themselves beyond their academic studies. “Employability skills” have now become an essential attribute not just for recent school leavers but tertiary graduates as well. As today’s job market is more competitive than ever, the people who prepare early with the right tools and attitude will be the ones most likely to succeed.

A full day workshop that will help secondary students develop the skills required to successfully prepare for work experience placement, seek casual employment, think about career options, and become a professional member of the workforce. The workshop is presented from the employer’s point of view and gives students an insight into the Job Skills they can develop during their school years. We use activities, discussions and written tasks to develop skills in written, oral and personal presentation and effective work habits. Each student is given the opportunity to practice their interview skills through a one-on-one “mock interview” with verbal and written feedback provided to each student

A one or two hour presentation that focuses on the main topics of writing a resume and letter of application, personal presentation and interview skills. The seminar is ideal for Year 9 or Year 10 students preparing for work experience as it gives them the tools, knowledge and motivation to be able to find and apply for their chosen position

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