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Staff Training and Development for Business Growth

leaderWould your business productivity increase if your staff had increased skills? Could your staff benefit from a training program that is tailored to your business needs?

Many business owners feel that the only way to get good staff is to employ people with years of experience. However, it is often easier and more effective to hire the people with the right attitude, availability and a willingness to learn and then train them in the skills they need. Our staff training and development workshops will enable you to develop your team to meet the specific needs of your business. A small commitment to focused staff training can build a strong foundation for your business.

Skills Development Workshops Build
Foundations for Success


With many years’ experience in a variety of service industries and with hundreds of small to medium businesses, we can design staff training and development workshops to best suit your particular business and staff. We will work with you to identify skills gaps, and provide recommendations on training solutions to address those gaps. Your staff will be more skilled and confident and can contribute to your business growth.


      • Effective work habits


      • Working in a culturally diverse environment


      • Promoting products


      • Handling challenging customers




      • Coaching on the run


      • Creating an effective team


      • Creating and implementing systems at work


    • Monitoring and measuring staff performance

We can also run workshops on specific industry skills. Skills training workshops can be held at your premises, or off-site and might run for one hour and up to four hours. You can engage us for a one-time workshop to address a specific skills gap, or we can develop a set of workshops based on the areas that will develop your staff’s skills and enhance the professionalism and productivity of your business. Workshop price is based on topic, number of participants and location.

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